1.Blaffen kan een teken zijn van een medisch probleem.
2.Honden blaffen omdat ze willen waken en beschermen.
3.Eenzame honden blaffen omdat ze zich vervelen.
4.Honden zijn opgewonden of gelukkig en gaan dan blaffen.
5.Vraag om te blaffen omdat je dan voer krijgt, we wandelen gaan…

Elke keer een hond blaft en we zeggen: stop, geven we hem aandacht, daarom blijft hij blaffen.
Je moet hem gewoon negeren ! Je roept hem en leidt hem meteen af met een oefeningetje.
Zeg bvb zit, en als hij dat dan doet beloon hem.
Pak hem op, streel hem…Kalmeer hem.
Blaffen heeft niks te maken met leiderschap!
Veel blaffen doen niet-gesocialiseerde honden, of eenzame honden.
Honden mogen niet blaffen in huis.
Ook niet als je bij iemand aanbelt, je hond naast je, en je hond blaft! Mag niet: NEE!

Communiceer met je hond.
Oefen met je hond.
Doe iets met je hond.
Laat hem uit.
Laat ze korte periodes alleen.

Blaft je hond, ok…laat hem even blaffen, maar schenk er geen aandacht aan. Ga vrij snel aan het werk: doe iets met je hond, train je hond enz…
Negeer je hond als hij blaft…..


7 Ways to Stop Your Dog From Barking
Anyone with a dog knows how excessive barking can be such a nuisance. Some breeds are predisposed to bark more than the others. Take Bull Terrier, Rottweiler, Doberman pinscher, and basically, most guard dogs for example, will not fail in alerting you when there’s someone around.

Problem is, an untrained dog could bark at almost anything and gets you in trouble with the neighbors. It doesn’t mean you can’t keep this dog breeds, but you need to know the right techniques on how to stop them from barking unnecessarily.


Do you want put an end to your dog’s annoying barking problems?

  1. Know why they are barking.
Your dog could be barking at an intruder, another dog, or small animals in the garden. If they bark at the most trivial things, say, falling leaves – that’s a sign that you need to get involved and start training them.
  1. Make them feel at ease.
If a dog is threatened by someone—a neighbor, a visiting relative, or some passerby—let him know that it’s okay. You can use the command for lying down or sitting to make him relax. They must learn that these people mean no harm, so they can relax when these people are around.
  1. Give them a treat.
When a dog stops barking, give them a treat. This will teach them that behaving quietly will get them a reward. Make sure not to offer the treat while they are barking, otherwise, they will think that barking is a positive behavior that deserves a treat.
  1. Distract them with toys.
Again, it must not look like they are being given a toy while they are barking. Call them or get their attention while they’re barking, if they get distracted for a few minutes, give them toys or play with them, until the source of their anxiety is gone.
  1. Take them inside
If all else fails, bring your dog inside the house and distract them with whatever they find intriguing. If you’re lucky, the dog will decide to move on with the next exciting activity. Let them retrieve a ball or any toy. Most dogs love to play fetch, and if their mouth is holding a toy, then they won’t be able to use it for barking.
  1. Teach them how to bark on demand
Another way of training your dog to stop inappropriate barking is to teach them when and when not to bark. You can ask someone to ring the doorbell and command the dog to bark. Alert him to stop barking by slightly pulling on his leash. When he stops barking completely, reward him with a treat or toy.
  1. Ignoring will not stop the behavior.
Some dog owners think they should just ignore the barking until it stops. But, a dog that is left outside unattended may feel that they are doing a good job. It is not good practice to leave your dog unsupervised. Always let them know if a behavior is unwanted through positive reinforcement.

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